Ignite Your Communications…
Fire-Up Your Audience.

For more than 30 years, Dan Davenport has brought award-winning excitement to business communications: multi-image, multimedia, video, and print.
Our unique business model relies not on a large company of staff production people, but on small, efficient, ad hoc teams of award winning writers, artists, designers, and programmers, specially selected for each project, to bring just the right mix of talents together to create powerful programs that motivate readers and audiences to act -- to buy -- to sell -- to sign up -- to educate; to do what needs to be done.
Communications to customers and employees are not isolated events.  They are part of a coordinated program designed with a single goal in mind.  Multimedia announcements and tools, coordinated press announcements, and print collateral material can all work together from a single design idea to create a unified response.
Davenport Marketing Communications is the proud holder of more than 30 awards earned in international competition.
By building a team around your unique project specifications and communications goals, we're sure to be a perfect fit.
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